Images Source Folder

Images Source Folder

Why this is here

This folder is for the images you get pretty much anywhere - all of the images that you haven’t yet optimized for the web. Put them in here, and then run:


…which will go around shrinking them. As an example, it took the luca-ruegg-756818-unsplash and shrunk it down to around 8% of the size that it was before.

If you don’t have Gulp installed, you can get it by doing this:

$ npm install --global gulp
# And, in this directory...
$ npm install

Never embed images in images/src in a blogpost; they should always be copied over to images automatically by Gulp, and that will ensure that you’re serving up nice issues to your users. The way to embed them is using this syntax:

Look at our orbiting moon!

![The moon, orbiting](images/luca-ruegg-756818-unsplash.jpg)

Note that the path is relative to where the Markdown file is. This will look pretty much like this:

The moon, orbiting

You can add images directly to images without running Gulp, but they just won’t be as small as your users might like. But that’s always an option as needed.


Ping @RichardLitt if you’ve got questions about this, on GitHub at @RichardLitt or on Twitter at @richlitt.